Honey chilly potato.

Honey chilli potato is an Indo chinese snack.It has a little sweet flavor and a little spicy flavors of hot red chilli.






Red chilli powder:1/2tsp

Oil:for deep frying

Spring onions:2 chopped

Capsicum:1 sliced


Soya sauce:1tsp

Black pepper:1/2tsp

Green chilli sauce:2tsp

Tomato ketchup:1tsp

Sesame seeds or til:1tsp


1.Peel potatoes and cut them in slices.

2.Put cornflour,salt,red chilli powder in a bowl .Add potatoes to bowl add coat them well.

3.Heat oil in kadai.Deep fry potatoes till they are golden brown.

4.Place them on absorbent paper so that excess oil can be removed.

For Sauce:

5.Heat 2tsp of oil in other pan.Add spring onions and capsicum.Saute for two minutes.

6.Add soya sauce,green chilly sauce,tomato ketchup,black pepper,honey and mix for another one minute.

7.Add fried potatoes and sesame seeds .Mix them.

8.Serve hot by garnishing with a little more til and spring onions.

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