Nutella flower

Nutella baked flower

Nutella …..awwww its tooo yummy. Can’ resist licking it. So tried out a new yummy recipe using nutella. Have a look to this yummy sweet recipe. Serving: 5 Ingredients: Nutella: 5 tbsp Maida: 2 cup Powdered sugar: 1/2 cup Yeast: 1 tbsp Butter: 1/4 cup Warm water: 1/4 cup Warm milk: 1/4 cup Salt: 1/4 Read more about Nutella baked flower[…]

Chocolate ganache cake

Chocolate ganache cake

Chocolate ganache cake is soft, delicious, yummy cake. Chocolate ganache or syrup poured over cake makes it more yummy and cake just melts in mouth. Serving:4-5 Ingredients: Powdered sugar: 1 cup Oil: 1/4 cup Maida or refined flour:  one+ 1/4 cup Milk: 1 cup Lemon juice: 2 tbsp Vanilla essence: 2 tbsp Baking powder: 1/2 Read more about Chocolate ganache cake[…]

Sabudana kheer

Sabudana kheer

Sabudana kheer is another recipe which we can have during fasting days. It is  an easy to prepare kheer. Soak and cook sabudana well and you will have rich, delicious,  creamy kheer. So enjoy this yummmm…..sabudana kheer during fast. Servings: 3-4 Ingredients: Sabudana:1/4 cup Milk: 4-5 cups Kesar or saffron: 4-5 strands Sugar: about 1/2 Read more about Sabudana kheer[…]

Apple cinnamon cake

Apple cinnamon cake

Soft and delicious cake with flavors of cinnamon or dalchini and apple. I am thinking about preparing this cake since long and finally today i made this cake with very nice aroma. Serving: 5-6 Ingredients: Refined flour or maida: 200 gm Cinnamon powder: 2 tsp Apples: 3 chopped Eggs: 5 Sugar: 250 gm Melted unsalted Read more about Apple cinnamon cake[…]

Rice Kheer

Kheer is a kind of rice pudding made by boiling rice with milk, sugar, ghee and then garnished with dry fruits like almonds, pistachios cashew nuts. Kheer is made in India on festivals, special occasions and can also be served as sweet dessert in parties. Servings: 4 Ingredients: Basmati rice: 1/4 cup Full fat organic Read more about Rice Kheer[…]

Hot chocolate fudge

Hot chocolate fudge sundae

Yummy delicious dessert …..must have it in summers. Ingredients: Vanilla ice cream: 4-5 scoops Chocolate brownie: 4-5 slices(For chocolate brownie check out recipe in notes below) Walnuts chopped: 4 tbsp Cashewnuts or kaju chopped: 4 tbsp Almonds chopped: 4 tbsp Butter: 1 tbsp Condensed milk: 1/2 cup Coffee powder: 1 tsp Dark chocolate chopped: 1/2 Read more about Hot chocolate fudge sundae[…]

Butter scotch icecream cake

Butter scotch icecream cake

Awwww……cake with icecream. This is a yummy combination of butter scotch icecream, cake and cherries. I had prepared this cake for the very first time on my sister’s birthday. Everyone in my family loved this yummm cake. Ingredients:      1. Basic sponge cake: 1 round ( I had already posted basic sponge cake recipe Read more about Butter scotch icecream cake[…]

Choco almond muffins

Choco almond muffins

Muffins are like small sized individual cakes which can be sweet and salty. I had made almonds and chocolate muffins. My little baby loved it and called them “chhota happy birthday cake”. Servings: 7 Ingredients: Cocoa powder: 4 tbsp Almonds: 8-10 coarsely grinded Almonds: 4-5 thinly sliced Eggs: 3 Maida: 3 tbsp Sugar powdered: 1 Read more about Choco almond muffins[…]

Mango icecream

Mango icecream(no cooking )

Easy mango ice cream ……No cooking only few minutes of  mixing and your ice cream is ready to eat. What we need is only few things, mix all those things and freeze it and ice cream is ready to serve. Serving:4 Ingredients: Fresh cream: 250 ml Mango pulp: 2 mangoes Sugar: 2 tbsp Condensed milk: Read more about Mango icecream(no cooking )[…]

Mango rabri

Mango rabdi

Combination of mango pulp and rabdi gives us a whole new taste. Serving:5 Ingredients: For rabdi: Full cream milk: 1 kg Sugar: 3 tbsp Condensed milk: 2tbsp Cardamom powder: 1/4tsp Almonds: 7-8 chopped Pistachios: 5-6 chopped Saffron strands:a few Other things: Mango pulp:1 cup(2 mangoes) Mango pieces:1/2 cup Tooty-fruity:2 tbsp Method: 1.Take milk in a Read more about Mango rabdi[…]

Mango Kulfi

  Kulfi is popular Indian frozen dessert.It is more denser than ice creams.We have kulfis of many flavors such as kesar ,rose,pista kulfi.Here i am presenting Mango kulfi. Servings:4 Ingredients: Mango:1/2 cup pulp Milk:1 litre Cardamom powder:1/2tsp Condensed milk or milkmaid:1/4 cup Sugar:1/4 cup Almonds:7-8 Pistachios:7-8 Method: 1.Boil milk in a heavy bottom pan on Read more about Mango Kulfi[…]

Apple kheer

  Apple kheer is a delicious dessert.A simple recipe which consists of apple,cardamom flavor condensed milk , is favourite of kids. Serve it chill and you will love the taste.   Servings:4 Ingredients: Apple:1 grated Milk:1 litre Cardamom powder:1/2tsp Condensed milk or milkmaid:1/4 cup Sugar:1/4 cup Almonds:7-8 Pistachios:7-8 Method: 1.Boil milk in a heavy bottom Read more about Apple kheer[…]

Sooji ka halwa

Sooji ka halwa is a sweet dish which is very popular in India especially in North India .It  is a delicious dessert which is often served as prasad after religious prayers. Here’s the recipe of mouthwatering sooji halwa.   Make 4 servings Ingredients:  Sooji   :1 cup ghee     :1/2 cup sugar    :1 Read more about Sooji ka halwa[…]