Sooji ka halwa

Sooji ka halwa is a sweet dish which is very popular in India especially in North India .It

 is a delicious dessert which is often served as prasad after religious prayers.

Here’s the recipe of mouthwatering sooji halwa.

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Make 4 servings


 Sooji   :1 cup

ghee     :1/2 cup

sugar    :1 cup

water    :4 cup

almond,cashwes:1/2 cup(chopped)

cardamom powder:1/4 tablespoon


1.           Heat ghee in karahi,add sooji.Roast sooji stirring frequently on medium flame till it becomes golden                      brown in colour.Roasted sooji will have a sweet aroma.

2.            In a seperate pan boil water with sugar and cardamom powder till sugar dissolves.

3.            Gentally add sugar syrup to roasted sooji stirring continuously.

4.            Add chopped almonds,cashews and stir till ghee shines on sides of karahai

5.            Turn off the flame ,garnish with some more almonds and serve hot.

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