Chilli paneer
Palak paneer
paneer tikka masala

Paneer butter masala.

Paneer butter masala is a popular dish in North India.Paneer dishes are most loved dishes of vegetarian people.I had used fresh cream and cashewnuts to give this dish a creamy and rich look. Servings:4 Ingredients: Paneer:250gm Onions:2 sliced Tomatoes:3-4 sliced Ginger paste:2tsp Garlic paste:2tsp Cashewnuts or kaju:7-8 soaked  in water for 15 minutes Butter:2tbsp+1 tsp Read more about Paneer butter masala.[…]

Paneer besan cheela

Paneer besan cheela is a healthy breakfast recipe.You can put finely grated vegeatbles in besan batter.For stuffing fill it with paneer as it is a rich source of calcium,proteins.Paneer besan cheela is good option for kids lunch box also. Servings:Makes 5 chillas Ingredients: Besan :1 cup Cauliflower:1/4 cup grated Onions:1/2 cup Ginger:2tsp grated Salt:to taste Read more about Paneer besan cheela[…]

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