Paneer butter masala.

Paneer butter masala is a popular dish in North India.Paneer dishes are most loved dishes of vegetarian people.I had used fresh cream and cashewnuts to give this dish a creamy and rich look.


Paneer butter masala



Onions:2 sliced

Tomatoes:3-4 sliced

Ginger paste:2tsp

Garlic paste:2tsp

Cashewnuts or kaju:7-8 soaked  in water for 15 minutes

Butter:2tbsp+1 tsp oil

Tej patta or bay leaf:1 leaf

Salt:to taste

Red chilli powder:1/4tsp

Coriander powder:1/4tsp

Garam masala:1/4tsp

Turmeric powder:1/2tsp

Kasuri methi:1/4tsp

Fresh cream:2tbsp+for garnishing

Coriander :for garnishing

Water:2 cup


1.Heat oil and butter in a pan .Add tej patta for few seconds.Add ginger and garlic paste.Saute for 2-3 minutes.

2.On other side blend onions and tomatoes together in a blender.Also blend kajus separately.

3.Now add these blended onion and tomato paste to ginger garlic paste .Add red chilli powder and turmeric powder.Fry this masala till oil starts to leave.

4.Add cashew nuts or kaju paste along with coriander powder.Saute for 2 minutes.

5.Add fresh cream , simmer for  3-4 minutes .Add salt also.

6.Now add paneer cubes and water .Cook for two more minutes.

7.Add kasuri methi and garam masala and mix the gravy.

8.Garnish with coriander and a spoonful of fresh cream.

9.Serve this hot paneer butter masala with naan or any bread of your choice.


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