Rice idli

Idli is most popular South Indian dish.They are easy to prepare.Idlis are prepared by fermented batter of rice and dhuli urad dal(split black gram skinless) and then they are steamed .They are very healthy and light for stomach.

Servings:Makes 25 idlis

rice idli

rice idli


Rice:3 cups

Dhuli urad dal:1 cup

Methi dana or fenugreek seeds:1/4tsp

Salt:to taste

Oil:for greasing


1.Wash rice and  soak it in water for 4 hrs.

2.Wash urad dal and and saok it in water for 4 hrs.Also add methi seeds to dal while soaking.

3.Drain water and grind rice in a blender till soft.

4.Drain water and grind urad dal and methi seeds .Add some water and grind .Grind till batter becomes soft and fluffy.

5.Now mix both rice and dal batter by adding more water.Mix with hands.Batter should not be very thick nor very thin.

6.Now transfer this batter in large vessel and place it overnite to ferment.After fermentation batter will increase about 50% of its original volume.

7.Mix this fermented batter.Add some water if required.Pour this batter in idli moulds and steam it for about 15 minutes.

8.Dip a knife in idli ,if knife comes out clean it means that idlis are ready.

9.Remove idlis from mould and keep it in wet cloth till the time you serve them.

10.Serve idlis with sambhar and coconut chutney.








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