Mango rabdi

Combination of mango pulp and rabdi gives us a whole new taste.


Mango rabri

Mango rabri


For rabdi:

Full cream milk: 1 kg

Sugar: 3 tbsp

Condensed milk: 2tbsp

Cardamom powder: 1/4tsp

Almonds: 7-8 chopped

Pistachios: 5-6 chopped

Saffron strands:a few

Other things:

Mango pulp:1 cup(2 mangoes)

Mango pieces:1/2 cup

Tooty-fruity:2 tbsp


1.Take milk in a heavy bottom pan . Cook milk on low flame.

2.Whenever malai layer comes on top ,collect it and with help of laddle move it to sides of pan.Do this repeatedly whenever malai layer comes on top.

3. Stir milk occasionally so that it does not stick to bottom.  Add saffron,cardamom powder, sugar and condensed milk.

4.Collect entire malai which we had collected and put it back to reduced milk.Whole simmering and collecting of malai will take about one and half hours.

5.Add chopped dry fruits and mix it well along with malai. Keep it in fridge so that it gets chilled.

6.Now take glasses. Put mango pulp at bottom, then mango pieces and then pour rabdi over it. Repeat this process once again and on the top put tooty fruty and some mango pieces.

7.Serve this chilled.




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