Mango Kulfi


Kulfi is popular Indian frozen dessert.It is more denser than ice creams.We have kulfis of many flavors such as kesar ,rose,pista kulfi.Here i am presenting Mango kulfi.


Mango kulfi

Mango kulfi


Mango:1/2 cup pulp

Milk:1 litre

Cardamom powder:1/2tsp

Condensed milk or milkmaid:1/4 cup

Sugar:1/4 cup




1.Boil milk in a heavy bottom pan on low flame.

2.Add milkmaid ,sugar and cardamom powder.Simmer it till it thickens.It will take about 45 -50 minutes.

3.Peel mangoes. Put it in a blender and make smooth pulp.

4. When milk gets cooled , add mango pulp to above mixture and add almonds and pistachios.

5.Cool the mixture at room temperature.Pour the mixture into icecream moulds6.Freeze in refrigerator for 5-6 hours.

7.Unmould the kulfi moulds and enjoy this delicious kulfi.


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