Kalakand is an Indian sweet made of condensed milk and cheese.But the recipe which i am posting is an easy version of kalakand using condensed milk and cheese.You can prepare this kalakand on festivals without spending many hours.Just check out the recipe.

Servings:makes 7-8 piecesKalakand


Paneer:200 gm

Milkmaid or condensed milk:About 15o ml

Milk powder:1 tbsp

Cardamom powder:1tsp


Pistachios:5-6 chopped


1.Mash paneer in a blender .Place mashed paneer in bowl along with milkmaid,milk powder,sugar.Mix well.

2.Take a heavy bottom nonstick pan.Pour the mixture into pan.

3.Cook on medium flame .Stir continuously  for 6-7 minutes or till mixture starts leaving sides of pan and becomes thick.

4.Spread this mixture on greased plate and set .Cut into squares and garnish  with pistachios.

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