Paan kulfi

Kulfis are very refreshing during summer seasons.Earlier i had posted mango kulfi.Now here i am posting Paan kulfi which will give you sweet and cool flavors.Paan are of various kinds like meetha paan,choclate paan etc.They are mostly taken after meals as it helps in digestion and gives fresh feeling in mouth.Paan kulfi a must try Read more about Paan kulfi[…]

Mango Kulfi

  Kulfi is popular Indian frozen dessert.It is more denser than ice creams.We have kulfis of many flavors such as kesar ,rose,pista kulfi.Here i am presenting Mango kulfi. Servings:4 Ingredients: Mango:1/2 cup pulp Milk:1 litre Cardamom powder:1/2tsp Condensed milk or milkmaid:1/4 cup Sugar:1/4 cup Almonds:7-8 Pistachios:7-8 Method: 1.Boil milk in a heavy bottom pan on Read more about Mango Kulfi[…]

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