Creamy mango delight

Woww……it’s summer time means MANGO time. Mangoes really are king  of all fruits. I love mangoes be it in form of fruit , or shakes or smoothies.Today i mixed mango pulp with fresh cream and it gives me a whole new yummy  finger licking taste.

Servings:2creamy mango


Mango :1

Fresh cream:1/2 cup

Powdered Sugar:2tsp


Cardamom powder:1/4tsp

Tooty fruity:2tsp

Whipped cream: 1tsp


1. Peel and cut mango slices.Put them in blender and blend them to form a pulp.

2. Keep one mango slice and chop it into small pieces.

3. Add mango pulp in a bowl. Add fresh cream , powdered sugar, cardamom powder, tooty fruity and mix well.

4.In a serving glass or bowl add chopped mango pieces . Pour Mango cream over mango pieces.

5.Garnish it with whipped cream and some more tooty fruties. Serve it chilled.

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