Fruit parfait

Parfait is a frozen dessert usually made with rich cream,fruits, nuts. In Canada and US yogurt is also added along with fruits, nuts and cream. My son loved this fruity dessert and called it fruit ice-cream.

Servings: 2

Fruit yogurt parfait

Fruit yogurt parfait


Pomegranate or anar seeds: 1 cup

Green or red apple: 1 cup chopped

(You can take any fruits as strawberries or blue berries or any fruit of your choice.)

Vanilla essence: 1 tsp

Yogurt: 1/4 cup

Fresh cream: 1/4 cup

Dry fruits mixed: 2 tbsp

Sugar: 2 tbsp powdered


1. Put fresh cream, yogurt, vanilla essence in a bowl and whisk  properly. It should be thick mixture.

2. Take glasses and put anar dana at the bottom. Then add cream and then add chopped apples. Again repeat the steps. Put dry fruits and some anar dana at the top.

3. Serve it chilled and enjoy.




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