Moong dal dosa or Pesarattu

Moong dal dosa or Pesarattu is a delicious breakfast recipe and is very healthy. Whole moong dal or sabut moong dal is rich in proteins and is very low in cholesterol. It is popular recipe of Andhra pradesh.

Servings: 14-15 dosa

Moong dal cheela

Moong dal cheela


Whole moong dal: 2 cup

Rice: 1 cup

Methi seeds: 2 tsp

Green chillis:2

Ginger grated: 2 tbsp

Salt: to taste

Garlic: 4-5 cloves

Oil: for frying dosa


1. Soak dal and rice separately. Add methi seeds with rice. Soak for 7-8 hrs or overnight.

2. Drain the water from dal and rice . Add dal in grinder along with green chilli, ginger, garlic. Grind it to a smooth paste. Also grind rice to a smooth paste.

3.Mix both dal and rice mixture and also add salt to it. Add water to make a smooth paste.

4.Heat a little oil on tawa. Add laddle full of batter and spread in round shape.

5.Add little oil on sides and cook from both sides till brown and crisp.

6. Serve hot and enjoy with chutney.

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