Besan ke laddu

Besan laddu is sweet dish of India. It is prepared with besan(gram flour), sugar and ghee. They are mostly prepared on festivals, marriages and other religious occasions. Reason behind my posting this recipe is that my two year son loves laddus a lot. He is a big fan of Cartoon character “Chhota bheem” which eats laddus a lot and gets all power by eating laddus. My baby also imitates’ Bheem’ and  used to say ………mumma laddu kha ke mere pass shakti aa gayi. So this is for my darling baby Arjun.

Servings:  Makes 12-15 laddus


Besan ke laddu

Besan ke laddu

Gram flour or besan: 4 cup

Almonds: 12-15

Sugar: 2 cup powdered

Ghee: 2 cup

Cardamom powder: 2 crushed to power


1. Heat ghee and add cardamom powder to it.

2. Add besan to it and cook on medium flame for about 15 minutes or till besan gives golden brown colour and gives a nice aroma.

3. Let besan cool down for 10 minutes. Crush almonds to fine powder.

4. Add crushed almond to besan mixture. Add sugar also and mix. Add sugar only when mixture gets cooled down.

5. Roll into even sized laddos and serve.




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