Matar or namak paare or saankhe

Namak pare or matar or saankhe ( so many names na) is a tea time snack. My mom used to made them on Diwali and Holi when we had lots of guests at our home. Namak pare is an easy recipe which can be enjoyed with a cup of tea in hand. Best part is that you can prepare and store them for later use.


Matar or namak pare or saankhe

Matar or namak pare or saankhe

All purpose flour or maida: 1 cup

Sooji or semolina: 2 tbsp

Salt: 1 tbsp

Oil : 2-3 tbsp for dough+ for deep frying

Ajwain: 1/2 tbsp

Water: as needed


1. Mix together maida, sooji, salt, oil. Add water and knead a firm smooth dough.

2. Divide dough into equal sized balls.

3. Take one ball and roll it into a chapati of 8-9 inch diameter. With the help of knife make criss cross patterns ( diamond shaped) on chapati.

4. Heat oil in a kadai. Put diamond shaped patterns into oil and fry them till crispy and golden brown.

5. Once cooled store them in airtight container and serve them during tea time whenever you want.




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