Bread rolls

Bread Rolls is a tea time snack.They are easy to make and can be served in parties  as snacks.They are my husband’s favorite though.I learned bread rolls from my mother in law.She used to use stuffing of mashed potatoes along with onions,coriander and spices.To give it a more cheesy flavor i added paneer and mozarella cheese in stuffing.


Servings:2(makes 4 bread rolls)

bread rolls

bread rolls


Bread slices:4

Mashed potatoes:2

Onions:1 chopped

coriander chopped:2tsp

Mozarellla cheese grated:1/4 cup

Paneer mashed:1/4 cup

Green chilli:1 chopped

Oil:for deep frying

Salt:to taste

Red chili powder:1/4tsp

Jeera powder:1/4tsp

Amchoor powder:1/4tsp

Chaat masala:1/4tsp

Garam masala:1/4tsp


1.Boil ,peel and mash potatoes in a bowl.Add chopped onions,coriander,green chillies along with spices.Mix well.

2.Add grated paneer and mozarella cheese.Mix well.

3.Take a bread slice,dip it in water.Press bread slice to remove excess water.

4.Place potato mixture in the centre of bread slice.Roll the bread slice and close the edges.Make sure that sides are well sealed.

bread rolls

bread rolls


5.Heat oil in kadai.Fry these  bread rolls till golden brown.

6.Place them on absorbent paper so that excess oil is removed.

7.Serve hot with pudina chutney or tomato ketchup.

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