Tiranga sandwich

Sandwich is a healthy breakfast recipe, can be easily taken to schools , picnics etc. I am posting this recipe especially for kids as they love to have different colour patterns in their food. Also carrots and cucumber is healthy for kids.

Servings: 4


Tiranga sandwhich

Tiranga sandwich

Brown bread slices: 4

White bread slices: 2

Carrot: 2 grated

Cucumber: 2 grated

Mayonnaise: 2 tbsp

Pudina chutney: 2 tbsp

Salt: to taste

Black pepper powder: 1/2 tsp


1. Remove sides from bread .

2. Grate carrots and add mayonnaise, salt, pepper in it and mix well.

3. Grate cucumber and add pudina chutney in it and mix.

4. Place one brown bread slice on worktop and spread cucumber-pudina mix on it.

5. Now put white bread slice on it.  Spread carrots+mayonnaise mix over it and cover with another brown bread slice.

6. Half the breads from centre and serve.






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