Lachha paratha

Lachha paratha is a popular paratha recipe from North India. Lacche or “parat” or multilayers are seen on paratha after it is cooked. There are various ways of cooking paratha but i am using pleating of layers method.

Serving: 2


Lachha paratha

Lachha paratha

Wheat flour or atta: 2 cups

Salt: to taste

Ghee or oil : for shalow frying parathas and for applying on dough

Water: for kneading.


1. Mix wheat flour, salt and little ghee. Add water in small quantities and knead a smooth firm dough.

2. Divide dough into equal parts and roll it into chapati of 8-9 inch diameter.

3. Apply oil on it and sprinkle little salt.

4. From the edge start pleating and make pleats till end as shown in picture.

Lachha paratha

Lachha paratha

Lachha paratha

Lachha paratha

5. Roll the pleated edges tightly and form a round.

6.Now roll into round paratha of 4-5 inch diameter.

7. Heat a tawa and and place paratha on it. Apply ghee on one side, once it is cooked turn the side and apply ghee. Cook from one both sides until crispy.




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