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Sabudana khichadi

Sabudana khichadi

Sabudana khichadi

Sabudana dish is a usually prepared during fasting days as navratra days ,shivratri and other Hindu fasts. Sabudana or sago has mainly carbohydrates in it and peanuts or other dry fruits are added to sabudana khichadi to make it a whole meal. For making khichadi sabudana must be soaked well.

Servings: 4-5 

Sabudana khichadi


Sabudana: 400 gm.

Potato: 3-4 boiled

Peanuts: 1/4 cup

Curry leaves: 3-4

Cumin seeds: 1/2 tsp

Salt or sendha namak: to taste

Red chili powder: 1/2 tsp

Green chili: 1 chopped

Coriander: 2 tbsp chopped

Lemon juice: 2 tbsp


1. Wash sabudana well. Sprinkle water over sabudana so that they becomes damp completely. After half an hour sprinkle some more water. Repeat this for 2-3 times and soak in this way for about 2 hrs.

2. Roast peanuts and then grind them coarsely. Cut potatoes in cubes.

3. Heat oil in a pan. Add curry leaves, cumin seeds or jeera. When jeera starts to crackle add potatoes and cook for 2-3 minutes.

4. Add peanuts, sabudana, salt, red chilli powder, chopped green chili and cook for 2-3 minutes.

5. Add lemon juice and coriander and mix well. Serve hot.

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