Chapati egg rolls

Egg rolls is famous snack in many parts of India especially Delhi. Eggs are excellent source of proteins,vitamin A,vitamin E and vitamin D. My husband likes eggs so much that he can eat eggs all the time. So this egg recipe is for my hubby .

Servings:Makes 4 egg rolls

Chapati egg rolls

Chapati egg rolls



Onions:1 thinly sliced

Salt: to taste

Black pepper: 1/4 tsp

Green chilli: 1 chopped

Tomato ketchup: 2 tbsp

Green chilli sauce: 2 tbsp

Melted butter:2 tbsp

For chapatis:

Maida: 1 cup

Salt: 1 tsp

Oil : 1 tbsp


1.Mix maida , salt, and oil together. Add little water and knead a soft dough.

2.Form equal sized balls. Roll them  into chapatis.

3. Heat tawa and cook chapatis  lightly from both sides .

4.Now in a bowl beat eggs with salt and pepper. Heat a tawa . Spread butter and then spread egg mix. Quickly put chapatis on it. Cook egg chapati from both sides.

5.Put egg chapati on a plate. Spread ketchup and green chilli sauce .

6.Then put onions slices and green chilli sauce.Roll the roti and serve hot.


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