Chocolate eggless cake

Chocolate eggless cake is my first post in baking section.Cakes are favorite of all especially kids.And when it was a chocolate  cake it was like yummmilicious.My two year son is great fan of cakes.So this is for you my darling son.


Chocolate eggless cake

Chocolate eggless cake


Dark chocolate:100gm

Maida:1 and half cup

Sugar:one and 1/4 cup(powdered)

Butter:one cup

Baking powder:2tsp

Milk:around one cup

Mix dryfrits(wallnuts,almonds):1/2 cup

Gems :to decorate


1.Melt dark chocolate and butter in a microwave dish Microwave high for one minute.

2.Sieve maida and baking soda .

3.Mix dark chocolate and butter  and add sugar and mix well.

4.Now slowly add maida mixture and milk in parts.Don’t add all maida together.Check  the consisitency of mixture.It should not be very thick nor of flowing consistency.

5.Add dryfruits and mix again.Mix whole batter in one direction only.

6.Grease a microwave proof cake moould.Transfer the batter.

7.Bake on microwave High(100%) for six -seven minutes.

8.Allow it to cool for few minutes.Enjoy this chocolate cake.

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