Minty watermelon juice

Make watermelon juice to refresh yourself on a warm summer day.And addition of mint and a liitle gulkand will freshen you completely.Watermelon consists of mainly water and is rich in fibre content too.It  is an instant source of energy and for you my dear ladies it has anti aging properties and is natural toner for skin.It also keeps skin glowing and hydrated.

Servings:Makes two glasses


Watermelon:2 cups

Fresh mint leaves:Half cup


Rock salt:2tsp

Lemon juice:1tsp

Ice cubes:2


1.Cut watermelon into cubes and remove seeds.

2.Put watermelon ,mint,gulkand in blender and blend all things.

3.Take a glass ,put ice cubes in it and pour watermelon juice.

4.Add lemon juice and rock salt.

5.Mix well and serve chilled.Enjoy this refreshing drink.

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