Awww…..its Punjabi’s all time favourite Rajma recipe.These rajma or red kidney beans are prepared with onions,toamatoes and spices.They are eaten with rice.Red kidney beans have high protein content.They boost our immune system as they have antioxidants too.





Red kidney beans or Rajma:1 cup



Ginger:2tsp paste

Garlic:2 tsp paste

Salt:to taste

Red chilli powder:1/2tsp

Garam masla:1/2 tsp

Turmeric powder:1/4tsp

Cloves:2-3 crushed

Black pepper:4-5 crushed

Cumin powder:1/2tsp


Dhania powder:1/4tsp

Green chillis:1 chopped

Coriander:for garnishing


1.Soak rajma overnight.Pressure cook it till it becomes soft.Pressure cook first on high flame till first whistle,then on low flame for 30-40 minutes.Add sufficient water .

2.Blend onions and tomatoes together.

3.Heat oil in a kadai .Add ginger garlic paste and saute for two minutes.Add tomatoes and onions and cook on medium flame for seven to eight minutes.Also add crushed black pepper and cloves.

4.Add coriander powder,salt,red chilli powder,turmeric powder,cumin powder.Cook till tomatoes and onions becomes soft and starts leaving oil.

5.Add cooked rajma and mix well.Add garam masala and cook on low flame for fifiteen to twenty minutes.

6.Garnish with coriander and serve hot with steamed rice or jeera rice.

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