Vegetable cheese balls

Cheese ball is favorite starter of my family. Vegetable cheese balls are easy to made. Add any vegetable of your choice , mix it with mozarella cheese and fry it.Delicious and yummy cheese balls are ready to serve.


cheese balls

cheese balls


Boiled corn kernels: 1 cup

Potatoes: 2 boiled

Capsicum: 1 chopped

Carrots: 1 grated

Ginger: 1 tsp grated

Chilli: 1 chopped

Coriander: 2 tsp chopped

Mozzarella cheese grated: 1 cup

Salt: to taste

Red chilli powder: 1tsp

Jeera powder:1/2 tsp

Cornflour: 3 tbsp

Oil : for deep frying


1.Mash corn and potatoes. Add grated carrots, chopped capsicum, ginger,coriander, chillis.  Mix well.

2.Add spices, grated cheese and cornflour. Shape them into small sized balls.

3. Heat oil in kadai. Fry  balls on medium flame till golden brown.

4. Place them on absorbent paper so that excess oil can be removed.

5. Serve cheese balls with tomato ketchup or any chutney of your choice.




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