Virgin Mojito

Virgin Mojito an another refreshing drink of summer. Basically mojito is a cocktail drink made by combining rum, mint leaves, sugar, lime juice and water. But there are many versions of  mojito. And in mocktail version we add soda or sprite for making Virgin mojito. Virgin mojito is the right choice to beat summer heat.

Serving: for one glass

virgin mojito

virgin mojito


Mint leaves: 10-12

Sugar powdered : 1 tbsp( if you are using soda use 2 tbsp of sugar)

Lemon: 1 + 1 tbsp lemon juice

Sprite or soda: 200ml


1. Roughly chop mint leaves. Slice lemon into thin slices and remove all seeds.

2. Put mint leaves , lemon slices, lemon juice, and sugar in a glass.

3.Press with spoon so that lemons give away all their juice and bruise mint leaves .

4. Add sprite or soda . Add some ice cubes and enjoy this refreshing drink.



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