Aam panna

Aam panna an another refreshing drink in summer. They are prepared by using raw mangoes, sugar and spices. Aam panna will prevent you from heat stroke, fight dehydration, and improves digestion. My mother used to prepare Aam panna almost daily throughout summers. Here’s the recipe of khatta meetha aam panna.

Servings:4Aam Panna


Raw mango or kutcha aam:1 large

Sugar:2 tbsp for each glass

Jeera powder:1 tbsp

Black salt:1/4 tsp


Dried mint powder:1/4tsp


1.Wash and boil the mangoes till they become soft.

2. Remove the peel, mash and take the pulp.

3. Mix sugar and all other masalas to the pulp.Blend the mixture in the blender.

4. Pour required amount of panna mixture to glass . Add water and ice cubes.

5.Serve it cool.

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