Atta, nuts gond laddu

These winter special  ladoos are very healthy and delicious too. They are made especially during winters to keep body warm. These ladoos are also given to new mothers to give strength to their bodies. I am using atta here but many times my mother adds urad dal also along with wheat flour. My mother used to send me ladoos every time during winters but this is the first time that i learned from her and made these ladoos. We used to eat ladoos in mornings as they keep us energetic all day long.

Serving: about 45- 50 ladoos

Atta - gond laddu

Atta – gond laddu


Atta or whole wheat flour: 1 kg

Ghee: 1 kg

Sugar: 1 kg

Nuts (almonds, kaju, pista, kishmish or raisins, dry dates): 400 gm

Dried grated coconut: 250 gm

Gaund: 250 gm


1. Heat 4 tbsp ghee in a pan and add gaund. Fry gaund pieces till they gets puffed up. They will appear light white in colour. Grind them in grinder to fine powder.

2. Grind all nuts in grinder.

3. Heat remaining ghee (about 1 kg) in a kadai. Put atta in it. Roast atta till light brown and nice aroma comes out.

4. Add sugar, powdered nuts, dried coconut, gaund powder and mix well.

5. Switch off the flame and let it cool till you can shape the mix in ladoo form. Bind them to ladoos.

6. Store them in air tight container and enjoy winters.



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