Beetroot mix veg tikki

Tikkis are everyone favorite. But aloo ki tikki fried in ghee is very rich in calories. So i tried today something new. I used beetroot or chukandar with so many other vegetables and used oil or ghee in minimum quantity. You can eat these tikkis during your diet sessions also as they are full of nutrition and very low in calories. They are good option for kids as well. If you want to make them for your kids add cheese and shallow fry them with ghee.

Servings: 4

Beetroot mix veg tikki

Beetroot mix veg tikki


Potato: 1 small boiled potato

Beetroot: 2

Capsicum: 2-3( red, yellow, green)

Onion: 1 chopped

Carrot: 1 grated

Corns: 2 tbsp boiled and mashed

Ginger: 1/2 tsp grated

Coriander: 1 tbsp finely chopped

Beans: 5-7 finely chopped

Cheese: 4 tbsp grated if making for kids.

Salt: to taste

Red chilli powder: 1/4 tsp

Jeera powder: 1/4 tsp

Amchoor powder: 1/ 4tsp

Oil: 1 tsp( I am using oil in minimum quantity as this is low calorie food)


1. Add mashed potatoes, beetroot, chopped capsicum, grated carrot, coriander, beans, ginger, corns, onion in a mixing bowl and mix them.

2. Add all spices and mix them well.

3. Form tikkis from this mixture.

4. Heat oil on a tawa and put tikkis on it.

5. Cook these tikkis till crispy and golden brown. Enjoy.


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