Cheese Omelette

We all know that breakfast is most important meal of the day.Eating an omelette of eggs ,onions and cheese provides proteins,calcium,Vitamin B-12.It helps to maintain healthy muscles and nourishes skin and hair.So here’s a quick nutritional recipe:Cheese Omelette

Servings :1cheese omelette


  1. Eggs:2
  2. Onions:1 (finely chopped)
  3. Cheese:1/4 cup
  4.  Coriander leaves:finely chopped
  5. Green chilies(finely chopped)
  6. Butter or oil:3 tbsp
  7. Salt:to taste
  8. Black pepper:1tsp


1.  Beat the eggs and add chopped onions and coriander .

2.Heat butter in pan.Add  egg mixture and rotate so that it spreads evenly.

3.When underside is half done,spread cheese over it.Cook for a minute until cheese starts to melt.

4.Fold the Omelette and place it on serving dish.Serve hot.

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