Jal jeera

Jaljeera is a popular summer drink in India.It is not only refreshing but also helps in digestion.Jaljeera consists of jeera or cumin seeds which helps in digestion,mint leaves which have a cooling effect,and rock salt or kala namak which also acts as a digestive.So stop drinking aerated drinks which leads to many health diseases, have refreshing jaljeera with nutrional values.


jal jeera

jal jeera


Mint leaves:1 cup

coriander leaves:1/4 cup

Sugar:7 tbsp

Lemon juice:2tsp

Water:2 cups

Ginger:1tsp grated

For making Jaljeera powder

Jeera powder:1tbsp(roast jeera seeds than make powder)

Black pepper powder:1/2 tbsp

Black salt:1/2tbsp

Asafoetida or heeng powder:1/4 tsp


amchoor powder:1/2tbsp


1.Grind mint ,coriander,ginger,lemon juice,sugar together to form a paste.Add water to it.Pour the mixture into strainer and set aside the strained juice.

2.Mix all ingredients of jaljeera powder together.

3.Mix jaljeera powder and strained juice.

4.At time of serving pour this jaljeera mix into glass.Fill half a glass with jaljeera mix and other half with cold water and ice cubes..

5.Garnish it with mint leaves and boondi.

Note:If you want to cut calories don’t add sugar.


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