Coconut ladoo

Coconut ladoo or nariyal ladoo is an Indian sweet.They are very easy to make.My two year kid ¬†love these yummy ladoos.Here’s the recipe.

Servings:Make 12 ladoos

Ingredients:coconut ladoo

1.Grated coconut(dried):2 cups+1/2 cup

2.Condensed milk or milkmaid:1/2 tin

3.cardamom powder:1/2tsp

4.Ghee:for greasing


6.Sugar coated coloured saunf:for garnishing


1.In a heavy bottom pan add milkmaid,grated coconut,sugar and cardamom powder.

2.Heat over few minutes till mixture becomes non sticky.

3.Let the mixture cool for 10 minutes and then apply ghee on your palm and shape mixture into ladoo.

4.Take left over grated coconut on a plate.Roll these ladoos over grated coconut.

5.Garnish these ladoos with coloured saunf.



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