Cold coffee

Cold coffee is refreshing summer drink.By adding icecream to it ,it becomes creamy and more yummy.Cold coffee can be prepared in two ways:1.Add all ingredients together ,and blend them .This is an easy method.OR

2.Prepare sugar syrup by first adding coffee and sugar to hot water and then adding to cold milk.I am using second method as it will give more strong  flavour .You can also preserve sugar syrup in refrigerator for later use.

Here’s the recipe:



cold coffee

cold coffee


Hot water:5 tbs

Coffee powder:3tbsp


Cold milk:3 glass

Vanilla icecream:1 scoop


Chocolate powder:1tsp


1.Boil water ,add coffee powder and sugar.Boil it for two minutes.

2.Add this sugar syrup to cold milk.Put this milk in blender with half icecream scoop and blend until creamy.

3.Add icecubes in a glass.Pour cold coffee and add remaining vanilla icecream.Lightly sprinkle chocolate powder or you can use chocolate syrup.


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