Corn cutlets

Corn cutlets is a healthy and nutritious dish.Corns are rich source of calories,Vitamins and provides  necessary minerals.I had used potatoes also which help in binding cutlets.These cutlets are good option for snacks and can be added to your kids lunch box.


Servings :7-8 cutlets

corn cutlets

corn cutlets


Corn:1 cup boiled

Potatoes:1 boiled and mashed

Cooked rice:1/2 cup

Onions:1 chopped

Coriander:2tsp chopped

Ginger:1tsp grated

Green chili:1 chopped

Salt:to taste

Red chilli powder:1/4tsp

Jeera powder:1/4tsp

Chat masala powder:1/4tsp

Garam masala:1/4tsp


Oil:for deep frying


1.Crush boiled corn in a blender.Dont mash them completely.

2.Put these corns in a bowl.Add boiled potatoes,cooked rice,onions,ginger,green chillis,coriander.Add all the spices and mix well.

3.Divide mixture into 8 balls and shape them into cutlets.

4.Heat oil in a kadai.Roll cutlets in cornflour.

5.Deep fry these cutlets till golden brown.Place these cutlets on absorbent paper so that extra oil can be removed.

6.Serve hot with ketchup or tamarind chutney.



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