Maggi bhel

Maggi favourite of all especially kids.Today i have done a ¬†little experiment with these tasty noodles.Here’s the recipe.



Maggi bhel

Maggi bhel


Maggi :2 with taste makers

Oil:for frying

Tomato:1 chopped

Cucumber:1 small chopped

Onion:1 chopped

Capsicum(green,red,yellow):1 cup chopped

Green chilis:1 chopped

Coriander:2tsp chopped

Chat masala :1tsp

Lemon juice:1tsp


1.Heat oil in a kadai.Fry maggi till it gets light brown colour.Don’t make it dark brown .

2.Crush maggi when it gets cool down.Add chopped onions,tomato,cucumber,capsicum,maggi masala,green chilli,chat masala,lemon juice.

3.Mix well.Garnish with coriander.

4.Serve this maggi bhel.



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