Bread Mango pastry

Another easy recipe from mangoes is mango pastry which we will prepare by using bread. This is an easy  kids special recipe and i am sure your kids will going to love it.

Servings: 4

Bread mango pastry

Bread mango pastry


Bread slices: 8

Mango slices: 7 cut them in thin slices

Vanilla ice cream: 1 cup

For making mango glaze:

Mango puree: 1 cup

Cornflour: 4 tbsp

Sugar: 4 tbsp


1. For making mango glaze, mix cornflour, mango puree and sugar in a pan. Mix well so that no lumps are formed.

2. Now put this pan on stove. Cook the mix till it becomes thick and translucent. Remember that no lumps are formed.

3. Now trim the edges of bread. Take out ice cream from fridge and spread 1 tbsp ice cream on 1st slice. Then take a slice of mango and put it on 1st slice on which we have already applied ice cream.

4. Apply ice cream on both sides of  second slice and put it on 1st slice. Again put mango slice.

5. Take 3rd slice, apply ice cream on both sides and put it on second one. Again put mango slice.

6. Now spread ice cream on 4th slice and put it on top. Spread mango glaze on top. Put it in freezer for half an hour to set.

7. Cut them from center in two parts. We have two pastries ready. Put cherries over it. Serve and enjoy.

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