Parwal ki mithai

Pointed gaurd or parval ki mithai is very tasty. I had eaten first this at my aunt’s place in ajmer. We were not able to recognize that it is parwal. Mostly parval is used to make vegetables but here’s a new ‘avatar’ of it.

Servings: makes 15 


Parwal ki mithai

Parwal ki mithai

Parval: 15

Sugar: 1 cup(for making sugar syrup)

Sugar: 150 gm for adding into khoya mix

Khoya or mava: 250 gm

Dry fruits(almonds, kaju, pista): 2 tbsp chopped

Cardamom powder: a pinch

Water: 1 cup(for sugar syrup)+ for boiling parvals.


1.Peel parval by rubbing with knife. Make a cut longitudnally and remove all seeds from it and make it hollow.

2. Boil water in a pan and add parvals in it. Boil till they become soft. Remove and let them cool.

3. For sugar syrup add 1 cup water to pan and let it boil. Add parvals to it and let them boil in sugar syrup till water thickens to one string consistency. Take out parvals fro it and keep it aside.

4. For stuffing of khoya, heat a kadai and add mava or khoya to it. Roast on low flame till they turn to yellow colour. Add powdered sugar , dry fruits and mix well. Stuffing is ready.

5. Stuff this in sugar coated parvals.

6.Garnish them with chopped almonds and serve.

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