Soya kebabs

Soybeans has many health benefits. It contains about 40% proteins.They are helpful in reducing risk of osteoporosis in women. So give your family these healthy soya kebabs .

Servings:makes 5-6 kebabs

Soya kebab

Soya kebab


Soya granules: 1 cup

Onions: 1 chopped

Salt: to taste

Cumin powder or jeera powder:1/4 tsp

Red chilli powder: 1/4 tsp

Dry mango or amchur powder:1/4 tsp

Boiled peas:1/4 cup

Coriander: 2 tsp chopped

Potato: 1 boiled and mashed

Bread slice: 1 crushed

Garlic: 1 tsp crushed

Ginger: 1 tsp paste

Green chilli: 1 chopped

Oil: for deep frying


1. Soak soya granules in water for an hour. Drain the water and put it in a bowl.

2.Add all ingredients except oil in a bowl and mix them well. Divide mixture into equal portions and shape them in into kebabs.

3.Heat a tawa and spread some oil on it. Put kebabs on it and cook from both sides by adding more oil .

4.Serve with imli or pudina chutney.

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