Sprout sandwich

Sandwich is a most popular food item for breakfast. Adding sprouts to it make it more healthy and tasty. Here’s is an easy, tasty and healthy recipe of sandwich in which i am using moth dal sprouts.

Servings: 4

Sprout sandwich

Sprout sandwich


Moth sprouts: 1 cup

Onion: 1 chopped

Tomato: 1 chopped

Green coriander: 2 tbsp chopped

Salt: to taste

Red chili powder:: 1/4 tsp

Chaat masala: 1/2 tsp

Lemon juice: 2 tbsp

Green chutney: 4 tbsp

Tomato sauce: 2 tbsp

Bread slices: 6

Butter: 2-3 tbsp


1. Take moth sprouts in a bowl. Add chopped onions, tomatoes, green coriander, salt, red chili powder, chaat masala, lemon juice. Also add butter. Mix well.

2. Take two bread slices. Apply tomato ketchup on one slice and green chutney on other.

3. Put moth sprouts on one slice and cover it with other bread slice.

4. Half the breads from centre and serve.


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